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Rules & Regulations




1.      Every student shall maintain strict discipline in the College and hostel premises.

2.      The student shall abide by the instructions of the Faculty members and shall always interact with them with due respect.

3.       No student shall take part in or involve himself/herself in any political or other movements in any manner during the course of study in the institution.

4.      Each student should behave with other students in such manner respecting each other’s feelings and creating congenial atmosphere to study and live together pleasantly.

5.      Any act purporting to give rise to groupism and leading to any undesirable behavior shall be forbidden.

6.      Individual freedom is always subject to common interests of the student community and subordinate to institutional objectives and goals.

7.      Every student shall observe absolute decorum and decency of behavior at all times including during the conduct of cultural, sports and athletic meets. Any violation will be viewed seriously, calling for such disciplinary action as may be deemed necessary by the authorities.

8.      The students shall have to make good to the Institution, when called upon to do so, any damage caused to apparatus, furniture or any other articles due to their negligence, carelessness or wantonness.

9.      Failure on the part of the students to abide by the disciplinary rules will result in such punishment including expulsion from the Institution/Hostel as may be imposed by the Management.

10.  The decision of the Management with regard to disciplinary cases shall be final and all the students shall abide by such decisions.


Dress code:

11.  Male students must come neatly dressed in their uniforms to attend classes/clinics. They should be clean shaven. They should wear their shirts tucked in. Wearing shoes is compulsory.

12.  Female students must wear uniform salwar while attending classes/clinics. Wearing of dupattas/ chunnis is compulsory.

13.  All the students must wear their overcoats during clinical hours and ID cards while inside the campus without fail.


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